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From ethical hacking and security audits to predictive analytics featuring beautiful web design, VBI sets the bar. Through world-class programming and strategy, we maneuver our clients into winning positions within their industries.


VBI is building something special with our clients.  We want your next project to be that head-turning-jaw-dropping application.  By creating revolutionary software layered in stunning designs, VBI has created a unique reputation by setting themselves apart from traditional programmers.  We have broken from most conventional thought to do our own thing.  Agile Development?  Yes, we get it, but there’s more to it.  User-friendly design?  It sounds good when the sales guy says it, but what is better than good?  What will make your organization great?  What moves consumers?  New strategies, new concepts, and the best execution/ deployment you’ll find anywhere.  That’s  VBI


We serve our clients in a variety of ways while maintaining a central focus on their objectives
Mobile & Web Design

Merging the components of design and functionality together is an art in itself. We take pride in fully understanding our client's goals to create something revolutionary

Software Development

Don't settle for a mediocre result. VBI builds a variety of quality-focused internal and external applications for organizations across the country

Big Data Analytics

Is your organization headed in the right direction? Do you have data that is more valuable than you thought? What can you do with that data? We're here to help

Machine Learning / AI

Need an application to learn on its own? Interested in a far-fetched idea? We'd love to hear about it

Security & Code Review

Already have a system that needs testing? Not sure the previous developers built you a solid application? We'll dive in and examine what's really going on. Regardless of outcome, clients receive an in-depth review of where they stand


With ever-changing algorithms, it's as important as ever to keep your technical search engine optimization up to date


Our team has launched UFC, GNC, and other major clients via PPC, Facebook Advertising, Affiliate Marketing and more. Find out our secret sauce to search engine marketing


Is your software scalable for the company's direction? When will it need to be? Compliance issues? Need an outsourced CTO? Check...mate

28 YTD Projects Saved
250000 YTD Lines of Code Salvaged
47 YTD Projects Completed
1000 YTD Late Night Coffees



Unparalleled ability to understand the client and the end product

Tasty Design

Hungry for a new approach? We'll cook up something special

Dangerous Developers

We've built a team of super-coders not afraid to get in the trenches

vbi code shield

VBI analyzes each client's goals and guides them down the necessary road


How do you smoothly and safely transition customers? Hint. VBI


Welcome to old-school customer service ``21st Century`` style

The Hackers

Checkout out our dedicated team of designers and engineers

View Team

Recent Work

Health Care / Banking / Government / Small Business / Security
Urology Centers of Alabama

Urology Centers of Alabama

Design / Development


Analytics / Design
Unified Industry

Unified Industry

Analytics / Design / Development / Mobile


Design / Development
Hitech Pharmaceuticals

Hitech Pharmaceuticals

Design / Development / SEO / SEM


Development / Security

Michael Hanson and his team over at VBI are fantastic. These guys are loaded with creative talent and have the technical chops needed to deliver projects on time and on budget. As important, they are a pleasure to work with.

Chase Morrow
CEO - Fetch

VBI was able to take us through the design and deployment of our web application and help pull information that we would otherwise not have been able to relay to our clients.

Justin Schultz
CEO - StratusGrid

VBI has that natural charisma and it shows in their design work.

Andrew Thomas
Founder - C.A.R.L.


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